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Questions about UW Pharmacology?

Here are a couple of our most popular questions about studying Pharmacology at UW.

Are GRE Scores required to apply to the Pharmacology Graduate Program?

GRE Scores are not required to apply to our graduate program.

How do I apply to the UW Pharmacology graduate PhD program?

We consider top applicants who have prior research experience that can add to the diversity of our program. If you wish to apply, visit our admissions section for more information. To get started on your application, apply to the Graduate School on-line at

Do you offer Application Fee Waivers?

Please visit the UW Graduate School website for information on who qualifies for fee waivers, how to apply and FAQ’s at

How long does it take to get a PhD in the Department of Pharmacology?

The current time to earning the PhD is 5.5 years. This of course depends on your field of study, and how long it takes to complete your dissertation. For a year by year breakdown of the degree requirements please visit this page.

How do I approach faculty to become a postdoctoral fellow?

If interested in a postoctoral fellowship, we encourage you to contact the faculty member you wish to study with, directly. Please go to our people page and click on primary faculty. To learn more about their research, browse the Research section.


A degree from the University of Washington in Pharmacology can open up career opportunities in academics, industry, policy, and venture investing.